North and South and East and West

Note: obviously this is posted by w. I don’t want anyone to blame s for this long, self-indulgent ramble.

Well, time to come clean, I guess. We’ve been neglecting this blog sorely, and as for me, I have a confession to make about why: yes, you guessed it, I’m in the middle of one of my crazy obsessions again and have no time for anything else.

Before I discuss the subject of this latest obsession, let’s chronicle my obsessional history, shall we? Those of you who knew me back in the day may remember the Monkees. That was a short one. Next came the Beatles, a far more worthy subject naturally, and they lasted a good four years, until the summer when I was 15. That was a big summer, as I discovered both Shakespeare and Paul Simon, both candidates for Obsession #3. I believe I also first read Pride and Prejudice that summer, so you see it really was an eventful time.

We now take a long, long hiatus, with no major, long-term obsessions until Val Kilmer, somewhere in the 90s (whenever Batman Forever came out, which by the way was a bad film, not least because most of the time Val was hidden in that silly Batsuit. I bought it anyway. Also The Saint. So you see this really is a time for coming clean, like a therapy session where you reveal all your guilty secrets.)

Now I digress to point out that in the days before the Intranet, Worldwide Web, whatever you want to call it, feeding an obsession was a difficult and expensive business. Way back when I loved the Beatles, I had to buy large coffee-table books to get pictures and information about them. The only other source was pulp teen magazines, when my mom would let me buy them. By the 90s things had improved, but still there just wasn’t so much available. But now! The web provides a constant source of fuel to feed the flames of the most obscure fixation. Is this a fabulous boon or a time-sucking curse? Depends on what you’re neglecting in favor of the crush du jour I guess.

Okay, so back on topic, almost: everyone remember the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle? Of course, I know you do. Yes, I’ve been obsessed with that off and on since it came out. But many friends told me to watch North and South (NO, NO, NO! NOT the John Jakes Civil War one starring Patrick Swayze! The one based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel, starring Richard Armitage!) But I resisted because I wasn’t in the mood. (Really, that’s the way my weird mind works; I get in the mood for certain things and other things don’t interest me at that moment.) They said it was even better than Pride and Prejudice. Was that possible?

Yes, it was. I finally watched it last December, and that was the beginning of the end. The craziest, most intense obsession since I was a teenager, in full swing. And thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I’ve found plenty of websites to keep it going. If you share this “foolish passion,” and I know that at least a few of you do, check these out!! They have links to all the other goodies, so I’ve only mentioned a couple of others here. So when I’m not posting, I’m surfing, in North and South heaven whether in East or West….

Next post we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming….


5 thoughts on “North and South and East and West

  1. OMG you have really ben holdin back. Ok I have to admit Im stuck in the Pride to but you have crossed the line on Swazye! Who do you think ur foolin? He may be many things dead inclulded but nobody ever puts Baby in the corner! I am willing to make a little room for the new obsesson but Im kinda been crimminalized (tv show).

  2. Okay, Ana, so admit it, you probably cried all through Dirty Dancing, right?? Patrick’s okay and all that and he could dance, poor guy, but if you like him better than Richard Armitage that’s just ’cause you haven’t seen Richard in action yet! And he started out as a dancer too just so ya know.

  3. Dana, that’s ’cause you’re cool like that, and that’s one reason I miss you too!! :-* W

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